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User Friendly yet Powerful Inventory based Accounting and Billing Software offered for free download
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22 November 2014

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This is an accounting utility.

Free Accounting Software from Icebergo is quite a feature rich yet simplest tool. It is a comprehensive Inventory based Point of Sale (POS) Billing, Invoicing and Accounting Application. This tool works with Microsoft Access Program. This makes it really simple to use. Many users are familiar with Access already. This accounting software is able to provide inventory management and business accounting support. This free version of the Accounting Software contains the purchase, sales and admin module, etc. which makes it a good tool for preparing sales bills, managing material procurement and inventory control of all types of small businesses, shops, malls, departmental stores, warehouses and other outlets which are involved in buying and selling of goods and commodities in wholesale or retail. The free version contains three of the seven modules of the full program and delivers 70% of the functionality.

The full seven modules are purchase, sales, payments, receipts, ledgers, statements and admin. The full set license is available for a fee. The purchase module takes care of PO, logs, daily purchase report, goods receipt vouchers, etc. Sales module takes care of the sales invoices, sales bills, moving/new/ critical items report, estimate, delivery note, stores demand issue voucher, etc. Payments features payables statement, payables summary, and payment vouchers. Receipts module cover statement of receivable, receivable summary, receipt voucher, etc. Statements that could be generated include item list, price list, stock update, item re-order, sales / purchase statement, sales / purchase tax, profit report and so on. Admin module takes care of the administration of the tool and manages user level access and posting of invoices and journals. This is a very good tool.

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ICEBERGO is a User Friendly yet Powerful Inventory based Accounting and Billing Software offered for free download. The software is developed in Microsoft Access 2007 and deployed with the Microsoft Access Runtime. The Software is developed giving consideration to the needs of Small to Medium Sized Business Outlets, Malls, Stores, Warehouses and all types of Shop Keepers and Traders in mind. Unlike other Accounting Software, no previous Accounting background or knowledge of Accounting is required to operate the Icebergo Accounting Software, Detailed User manual is provided in the Software Package and Comprehensive Video Tutrials are available on our website enabling anyone with a bit of Computer Knowledge to master the software within a couple of days.
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